Leipzig Gophers

🔗Go and Cloud Native Meetup Split


We will reshuffle meetups a bit: The current Go and Cloud Native meetup will be split up, into a Go focussed meetup (we will keep the Meetup group, just rename it) and a dedicated Cloud Native Meetup - which might be merged with the growing Linux Meetup Leipzig.

If you have not attended Linux Meetup Leipzig yet and you are interested in Enterprise Linux and Cloud Native topics, please join. It’s awesome!

🔗 Background

We started the Go meetup in February 2019 jointly with a Cloud Native label, since a lot of Cloud Native tools are actually written in Go. Also, if you write software, that lives in the Cloud, you might evaluate Go as well. Hence, the joint meetup seemed to make sense to us then.

However, in the past year, we had more Go language related topics; at the same time the Linux Meetup Leipzig hosted lots of Cloud Native talks, from container runtimes to Cloud Native applications like Kubeflow.

And there are people who want to learn about Cloud Native only, not Go. Hence, the meetup split seems to make sense now. It will allow for a sharper focus.

In any case, we are happy to contribute to a growing set of interesting developer meetups in Leipzig, with Go, Linux (Cloud Native), Softwerkskammer Leipzig or Google Developer Group (Update: https://www.meetup.com/GDG-Leipzig/ has been deleted) being just a few of them.

🔗 Timeline

It will take a few weeks to rename all our sites and groups, but the process should be done be end of October 2019.