Leipzig Gophers

πŸ”—Virtual Meetup #10 invitation

Hello, δΈ–η•Œ!

The global coronavirus pandemic puts limitations on all aspects of societal life. At the time of our last meetup, two people were infected in Germany, as of this announcement, we are at 57.298 (archived).

The Go community addresses resulting issues in a blogpost on the pandemic.

For Meetup #10 on Friday, April 17, 2020, we still would like to bring people together, in form of a shorter, virtual meetup.

We may use Zoom or Jitsi for videoconferencing. If you have other useful tools, just drop us a line.

Given the limits of the medium, we do not plan to have any long presentation, but instead would be more interested in the following:

And apart from these things, maybe people want to share some of Go projects they use or they are working on via screen sharing? That would actually be super cool!

Anyway, we hope you are fine, given the circumstances. Virtual meetup link follows a few days before the meetup, see you then!

PS. Up until at least 2020-05-31, we host an own videoconference server under jitsi.cc.