Leipzig Gophers

πŸ”—Virtual Meetup #14 invitation

Hello, δΈ–η•Œ!

Meetup #14 will take place Nov 13, 2020 and will be virtual again. We’ll use Zoom (find the link on the event page or below):

$ curl -sL git.io/JkIVG | base64 -d

We will have an input presentation on file embedding - a popular technique to make deployments and workflows easier. Many tools exists today, as can be seen in #35950. Have you ever wondered, which of these to use? Thankfully, klingtnet will shed some light on this and we’ll learn about the ups and downs of a few options and also what it would take to write one embedding utility yourself.

As always, other lightning talks or contributions are welcome.

See you!

Teaser: There will be a talk on Productive Go - at the Developer Group Leipzig 2020-12-08 event.