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🔗Virtual Meetup #23 wrap-up


Meetup #23, Nov 23, 2021, originally planned on-site at Sciendis, moved online again, due to the pandemic regulations.

We had two input presentations, one about Go in a startup environment at Sciendis and reasons why Go may be a good choice. And one lightning talk about a data web service.

Go in a startup environment

Sciendis develops a React Native application called Wundera with the backend service being written in Go, in a classic cloud setup. Moving from six to two services (user, patient) proved beneficial, reduced code duplication and also lowered the data serialization overhead.

A few points why Go has been attractive:

Interestingly, with Go you learn and use more the language itself (and its standard library) than a specific framework.

A data web service

A quick overview on a small web service built on sqlite, net/http and gorilla handlers.

Notes: A data web service.


Drastically reduce the effort of writing, maintaining, and observing high-throughput concurrent applications that make the best use of available hardware through virtual threads, a lightweight user-mode thread implementation with dramatically reduced costs.

What a concurrency unit is depends on your perspective:

This results in the asynchronous style of programming, that not only requires a separate and incompatible set of APIs, but breaks the connection between the logical application unit (transaction) and the platform’s unit (thread), which makes the platform unaware of the application’s logical units.

This argument appears also in Concurrency in Go (which we discussed in meetup #7).

A devcontainer.json file in your project tells VS Code how to access (or create) a development container with a well-defined tool and runtime stack.

Video recommendations:

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