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🔗Virtual Meetup #25 wrap-up

Go 1.18 and generics

Meetup #25 was virtual and we were glad to have an international audience again.

We had a great presentation about the upcoming Go 1.18 release, including generics and fuzzing:

As always, Go 1.18 will include lots of smaller tweaks and improvements, like a new debug/buildinfo package, which

provides access to information embedded in a Go binary about how it was built,

or MaxBytesHandler, a middleware to protect e.g. against denial-of-service type attacks.

You can read the blog post to take a deeper dive.


Go makes a place as a plausible learning language, displacing Java. […]

And further:

A better alternative to Java is to learn Go. This relatively new language is pretty easy to move to from Python, and learning it give you a serious leg up on the possible next step, which is learning C. Additionally, one of the unknowns about the next few years is to what extent Go might actually displace C as a systems-programming language. There is a possible future in which that happens over much of C’s traditional range.

Other programmers reflecting and discussing this topic: HN23377186, LO, …

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