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🔗Virtual Meetup #28 wrap-up

Errors and Glamour

Meetup #28 took place on 2022-06-21 19:00 CEST virtually and was one of our most visited meetup to date - thank you all for dropping by.

We had a short presentation Never forget to handle errors, rediscovered the 1000th time by Leandro from Lightmeter (gitlab, job) about a few ways to handle errors in Go. The compiler does not complain about unchecked errors, but some linters do.

The presentation can be found here: presentation.md – Thanks Leandro for your great input!

A discussion about errors reminded us that as a first measure, errors need to be handled, actually. There’s even some research on that - e.g. compiled here into Software Engineering’s Greatest Hits: https://youtu.be/HrVtA-ue-x0?t=595.

We had another input talk about Text User Interfaces, using the charm libraries as example. Text interfaces are nice (and retro) but their widespread adoption is debatable. Nonetheless, these interface can be efficient and pleasant to use.

The presentation showed some examples, e.g. glow for reading markdown:

$ glow https://tinyurl.com/m-28-wp

or a stock ticker app:

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