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🔗Hybrid Meetup #30 invitation

Hello, 世界!


For meetup #30 — on Sep 20, 2022 19:00 CEST — we’re thrilled to welcome Dennis Zimmer and Bartłomiej Święcki from Codenotary, who will talk about their open source database project immudb.

immudb is a ledger database that has been developed with performance, scalability and versatility in mind […]

Data stored in immudb is cryptographically coherent and verifiable. Unlike blockchains, immudb can handle millions of transactions per second, and can be used both as a lightweight service or embedded in your application as a library. immudb runs everywhere, on an IoT device, your notebook, a server, on-premise or in the cloud.

Also check out Bartłomiej’s talk at FOSDEM 2022: Don’t trust us, trust the math behind immudb: How immudb protects safety critical data.

To quote Pat Helland in Immutability Changes Everything (2015):

There is an inexorable trend towards storing and sending immutable data. We need immutability to coordinate at a distance and we can afford immutability, as storage gets cheaper.

Hybrid Meetup

This meetup will be hybrid:

  1. You can join us online via Zoom
  2. You can join us in person at Lancaster University Leipzig CampusNikolaistraße 10, 04109 Leipzig

Perks of attending our in-person meetup at Lancaster University Leipzig Campus:

We are giving away a copy of Cloud Native Go - courtesy of O’Reilly Media as well as one Zimaboard, the world’s first hackable single board server, courtesy of Codenotary!

Join us to discuss all things Go and immutability. See you!

Note: We changed the location since a WW2 bomb has been found close to our original meetup location (Basislager): https://www.mdr.de/nachrichten/sachsen/leipzig/bombe-fund-sperrkreis-evakuierung-polizei-100.html.