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đŸ”—Hybrid Meetup #36 wrap-up

Cut Cloud Complexity with Encore

Hybrid meetup #36 took place 2023-06-20 19:00 at Basislager Leipzig.

We had a great presentation from André Eriksson about Encore - a platform written in Go and for Go for radically simplifying cloud-native backend development.

Beside motivation and overview, André live-coded an uptime monitoring service, ran it locally and deployed it onto Google Cloud within a few minutes. A recording of the talk is available on YouTube!

A few more takeaways from the talk and discussion:

Find out more:

Some more insights from the Q&A:

The space of tools to reduce cloud complexity for developers is becoming larger, with projects in this space being ampt, Terraform, Pulumi and others. One open source kit in the cloud-agnostic realm is the Go Cloud Development Toolkit, which also aimed at providing commonly used, vendor-neutral generic APIs that you can deploy across cloud providers.

Thanks again to André for taking the time to demo an amazing project.

Have you reduced the complexity of your deployments? Then you can join our meetup in the time you saved.