Leipzig Gophers

πŸ”—Hybrid Meetup #40 invitation

Hello, δΈ–η•Œ!

Happy 2024! For meetup #40 on Tuesday Jan 30, 2024 19:00 CET we are thrilled to have Bill Kennedy, Gopher Pioneer and Managing Partner at Ardan Labs joining us (remotely) to talk about Domain Driven, Data Oriented Design.

Domain driven design has been tackling complexity in the heart of software since Eric Evans' classic 2003 book, while emphasizing data in programming has many facets, from caring about caches, over treating data as first-class citizen (cf. Data Oriented Programming) to design challenges in data-intensive applications (cf. DDIA).

We are excited to dive into these topics will Bill!

Join us in person at Basislager Leipzig or online from anywhere with Google Meet: https://meet.google.com/fet-deeo-gtx.

See you!

Join us to discuss all things Go, domain driven design and data!