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🔗Hybrid Meetup #41 wrap-up

Go 1.22 and more

Hybrid Meetup #41 took place 2024-02-27 at Basislager Leipzig. We reviewed some updates in Go 1.22, especially the sharing bug fix in for loops and the enhanced routing pattern.

Go tools for genai models

There is no shortage of tooling and applications for LLM and generative AI in general, and increasingly, these tools abstract the model access away to you can use remote or local models with the same code (and easily switch between different providers).

We also briefly looked at lingoose, a lightweight LLM framework, which offers some wrappers around common tasks for generative AI models, like chat or document adapters for retrieval-augmented generation.

Rough notes: What RAG?

The Cutoff

For the record, 2023 may be the cutoff year. The amount of synthetically generated material will dwarf everything that existed up to that point.



COBOL is still used, and still may be in the future. Maybe someone can write a Go-to-COBOL tool, we already would have a name: gobol (this name has also been suggested by gemma 2B (91bff873f359), when prompted how would you name a software project that translates Go (golang) to COBOL? offer multiple alternatives)

Image Credit

Stable Diffusion v1.5 pruned, emaonly; prompt: a data center, many computers, located inside a jungle, where cables and branches interweave, style: polaroid (estimated generation cost: EUR 0.05).