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🔗Hybrid Meetup #42 wrap-up

Fast Things First

Hybrid Meetup #42 took place 2024-04-30 at CHECK24 Leipzig Office at Altes Landratsamt. We had two talks that revolved around Go and performance: Patrick Vahl gave a great overview about SIMD in Go and what is possible (and not possible), today. Examples from the talk can be found here: Crash129/go-simd-example. A few points from the talk:

The difficulty with a general purpose approach to SIMD […] is that the performance can be dramatically different on different processors. – go/issues/53171

While SIMD support is still a topic of discussion, e.g. in #53171, there exist usable approaches today.

Martin Czygan took a Go implementation of the 1BRC from 4 minutes to 4s, using fewer allocations, parallel processing and mmap.

Notes: 1brc-in-go. Please submit a PR with a variant you found!

Thanks a lot to CHECK24 for hosting the event in their nice office (with a view). Looking forward to our next event together which is planned for October 2024.