Leipzig Gophers

🔗Launched 🚀

We launched! The first meetup took place yesterday (2019-02-08) at Basislager. A dozen gophers, programmers, devops developers, cluster admins and curious individuals followed our invitation.

A good mix of backgrounds, experience levels and professional contexts lead to lively discussions around Go, the language, microservices, company cultures, adoption, streaming, cruise ships, conference impressions, book tips, distributed denial-of-service attacks, kubernetes operators and much more. Thanks for joining us, we think we’re off to a good start!

We discussed and collected some topics for the coming months. As people are experimenting with or adopting Go, there seems to be an interest in the language, its idioms and pitfalls, real-world use cases and more. We also want to encourage people to bring their own Go projects for a friendly review, if they like.

Here are some topics that we gathered for talks in future meetups:

We plan a next meeting for March 2019, feel free to join our meetup group for updates.