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🔗Hybrid Meetup #40 wrap-up

Domain Driven Data Oriented Design

Hybrid Meetup #40 took place 2024-01-30 at Basislager Leipzig and we had a great presentation by Bill Kennedy from Ardan Labs about Domain Driven Data Oriented Design. A recording of the talk is available at our YouTube Channel.

All code shown in the talk is available at: ardanlabs/service.

Just a few notes from the talk:

Thanks again to Bill for sharing his perspective on domain driven design and how it could be applied in Go.


Its [Cloudflare’s] DNS resolver implementation incorrectly calculated a negative number when subtracting two timestamps obtained from the Go programming language’s time.Now() function, which then used only a real-time clock source. This could have been avoided by using a monotonic clock source, which has since been added to Go 1.9.

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