Leipzig Gophers

🔗Meetup #5 wrap-up

🔗 Bits from the IO package

The IO package is a central package in the standard library, as it provides (among other things) two main interfaces:

In a lightning talk we dug a bit into the package:

The IO model is simple and powerful (and reminds one of UNIX pipes).

🔗 Automate the Web with chromedp

In a code walkthrough we explored chromedp, a pure Go library talking the Chrome devtools protocol. It allows to run a headless browser. We looked at three examples:

The whole setup can be made robust by isolating Chrome in a container. The invoice example was a nice one, as working with HTML allows anyone with HTML/CSS skills to adjust the PDF output (which is usually harder to generate programmatically). Running many (even headless) Chrome instances will eat your RAM.

🔗 How do developers discover Go?

Have you ever wondered about how programmers move from language to language? The author of this entertaining and enlightning blog post (and other things) did as well:

🔗 More Linux and Cloud

We have a presentation about libpod (a tool to work with OCI images) in the pipeline. Meanwhile, do not miss the next Linux Meetup on Tue, 2019-06-18 about runc and CRI-O.

🔗 References