Leipzig Gophers

🔗Meetup #6 wrap-up

🔗 Where to Go?

The Berlin Go User Group celebrates its eighth birthday next week. Our meetup just completed its first ½ year - so far, we touched upon quite a few of the initial topic ideas.

As for Go conferences, Golab is an annual international Go conference, which will have its 4th edition this October. We have two free tickets for you - if you are interested, just drop me a line.

We’ll take a short summer break, and will continue in September 2019. Until then, enjoy a few references.

🔗 References

If you haven’t played the nerdiest game in town yet, maybe now is the time:

Want to improve your Go code? You are just a few steps away with golangci-lint:

$ go get github.com/golangci/golangci-lint/...
$ cd your/go/project
$ golangci-lint run

We started a Go Gotchas Repository, feel free to submit a something strange.