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the bigger the interface the weaker the abstraction expressionist painting

From an email exchange in November 2009 (a few weeks after the first presentation on Go):

It seems to me that these functions [append, copy] are not useful if we figure out a way to implement generics. Not necessarily a strong argument against them, I suppose, but do we want to introduce new builtin functions if we may not need them?

About 4500 days and many proposals later, Go 1.18 is released, including support for parameterized types:

Supporting generics has been Go’s most often requested feature, and we’re proud to deliver the generic support that the majority of users need today. Subsequent releases will provide additional support for some of the more complicated generic use cases.

We discussed generics at our first meetup this year: #25. A few more things that happened in 2022:

Thanks everyone for participating, we hope to see you again in 2023!

Image credit: DALL-E, “the bigger the interface, the weaker the abstraction”, expressionist painting